natural housing

A walk through a front door which remindes you of old grandmother's house, through the door belonging to your parents, maybe a few apartments, student room ... we settle into spaces and spaces settle into us, when we walk on the path toward our home. We gather impressions and memories into sheaves of expectations and desires.

At some point in life there comes a moment when we want to open the door to visions of our home, the one that bears our own personal spirit and seal of our times: functional, safe and ecological.


We have our own sheaf, too. We have sheaves. To yours we would like to add sun that is hidden within the color of straw.


Common components are combined with pleasant living comforts representing the concept of NICe - Natural, Intelligent, Complete. It creates a synergy effect from the natural assembly of individual components into a finished product: a house from panels of straw, a ‘Snopje' house.


Walk through our doors!