Houses constructed from natural materials

CUSTOMISED for people

Our houses are products of uniqueness, tailor-made according to your needs and your particular location.

Their architecture is based on your dynamics and well-being, and runs from the inside out, to expand your living space to the entire plot.

Our houses are holistic, made according to the difference of the altitude of the plot of land, according to the direction of the sun in a way that allows it to warm you in winter, and prevent overheating throughout the year. Houses on steep terrains are connected to garden terraces, allowing the water to run downhill to provide natural watering.

Terraces are linked with small paths that will lead you to several points, or plants of your garden, be it an orchard, a small pond, or possibly the forest edge.

On this path you get to know garden life everyday and happily bring the fruits of this style of life back to your house. Architecture is so much more than a blueprint on a piece paper for us, it is the foundation for a perfect life.

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